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It works with new technology and offers faster speed than Bluetooth and NFC. No need to attach your devices with a cable to transfer data fast because Shareit For Pc enables you to transfer data quickly. This software application was launched by Lenovo and considered as one of the best application to share data with each other. While using it there is a straightforward way to connect devices by WIFI and share data from one device to other and vice versa. Shareit Full download is a fantastic software that completes transferring files between one device in less than no time. Moreover, it is the fantastic tool that can complete transferring files between multiple devices in seconds. A user can easily connect to Windows PC and then get a preview of files in mobile, as well as the user, can directly control PPT with mobile. Shareit Premium version free download introduced the new method of copying a particular data between devices. You can save storage on your mobile phone and backup photos to your Computer using ShareIt app with just one click. After downloading it, you don’t need to worry about sharing anything to your Windows PC. Mostly users transfer huge videos and files from the computer system as a backup. Now it offers you to transfer unlimited data from one device to other particular data. While having Shareit App on your mobile phone, you can get full control of PowerPoint Control. While presentation you don’t need to use separate mouse clicker anymore. Shareit enables you to control your PowerPoint slides on a Computer projector.

SHAREit free download is a stunning application program that permits you to take backup photos from your phone to Windows PC. Save your data to the computer system and don’t worry about deleting of your secret data from the phone. It is now available for almost all versions of Windows, Android and Mac devices. Well, it is more efficient than old technologies like Bluetooth and USB because it transfers data fast with respect to other sources. Want to grab its all-new features then you have to first download the setup file from the link. You must have to download this app to both particular devices from which you want to transfer. Shareit For Pc Full download accommodates wide range of content types, contacts, videos, MMs and SMS and so forth. No doubt this software program is considered as one of the best software to share data among various platforms. Fully compatible with all operating systems including Windows 10.

We’ve all been there. You have a file on your phone that you want to quickly and easily share to your computer. Or else you just want to share something with another computer in the same house.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve taken to emailing yourself to get files from one place to another because it can feel like such a hassle to do it any other way.

Or at least it was because there’s a new Sheriff in town… By Sheriff I mean ‘File Transfer Software’ and town I mean… your computer.

What ShareIt does is so simple it makes you wonder why this isn’t standard for all computers. Because why should sending a file to be so hard? Your entire experience of wireless internet is the constant upload and download of tiny packages of information from one machine to another. The internet IS a file sharing device whether those files are websites, games or other documents.

All ShareIt has done is access to this. ShareIt works with DIRECT wifi connections that mean you can easily share any file from one place to another using just wifi.

Are you looking for the highly popular Shareit for PC? Or just scoping out your options and trying to find out the basics about downloading and installing Shareit onto your desktop or laptop device? If so, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to take you through everything you need to know about Shareit, including how to get it, what it is for, and the benefits of this powerful and flexible app that can make your life a lot easier. Let’s get started with the basics – here’s our guide to Shareit.

File sharing has become a cornerstone that plays a pivotal role in business activities, entertainment, and communication. Today it’s hardly possible to imagine that one cannot send some important documents to a partner or share a video with a friend. With the advent of SHAREit for Windows, Android, and iOS gadgets, users can transfer files with lightning speed using ad-hoc WiFi channels. The program sets a connection between two devices in a range without any cables and special networks, making the whole process of sharing much easier.

SHAREit for Windows is deemed to be a tremendous boost in file-sharing technologies thanks to a myriad of new opportunities it offers to users. Before the program was developed, Bluetooth and USB drives were the most popular options used for this purpose. It is a full-featured SHAREit app that turns them into relics of the past.

This program proves to be superior to Bluetooth as it ensures much faster transferring than that of the short-range wireless interconnection. As for the USB method, it is often associated with causing harm to a connected device by allowing malware to get into it. With SHAREit, users no longer need to worry about violation of safety and privacy when transferring files. The app is based on reliable security protocols which eliminate all vulnerabilities of the previous technologies.

Choose a file and share it in a flash

In the simplest terms, SHAREit is an innovative app developed by Lenovo to smooth things down when it comes to transferring any kind of content between smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It is reported to send files 200 times faster than Bluetooth does. That is why the program has managed to gain massive popularity among businesspeople as well as students who use it in everyday life.

Whether it’s about notifying co-workers about schedule changes in a PDF file or sending a photo with a home assignment to a friend, uSHAREit is the most preferred choice for transferring. The app can successfully deal with images, music, videos, contacts, documents, apps, and many other files using a hotspot as the connection means. It doesn’t require Bluetooth, cables, and extra network to keep functioning. Even if you want to transfer different file types at once, SHAREit makes it possible with no size restrictions. All you need to send a folder is to select its location and share it with a connected device.

People with their devices sharing files

What features make SHAREit app stand out?

SHAREit has already become a household name in the world of technologies. The app shows other file-sharing programs the way to follow by providing users with an unrivaled experience. Apart from the impressive speed, uSHAREit is also about:

  • Range of file types and sizes. The program allows for sharing MP3 files, apps, and documents in different formats, regardless of their sizes. There are no network limitations on that. However, the time of the transferring process largely depends on the size of files intended to be shared. Keep in mind that it will take longer when dealing with gigabytes of data.
  • Cross-platform use. The uniqueness of SHAREit is explained by its ability to transfer files between PCs, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone gadgets. The program needs to be enabled on all devices to create a direct connection between them. What is more, a user can also view and search PC files using a smartphone in case of the relevant network type. Thanks to this feature, it’s easy to open folders, display images, and use apps stored on a computer with your mobile gadget.
  • Independent network. SHAREit uses neither Bluetooth channels nor cloud storages. When enabled on devices, the program creates its own network for transferring that allows for the connection of several gadgets at once. Thus, you can select any file and share it with your friends wirelessly. The transferring process will begin right after the connection requests are approved.
  • Backup option. SHAREit download rates are so high because it is also an excellent space-saving solution. With this program, users can back up critical data like contacts, messages, and documents from their phones to PCs. This feature enables them to save some storage space and make sure their files won’t vanish into thin air in case of failures.
  • User-friendly interface. While featuring icons with relevant names of connected devices, the eye-pleasing app interface significantly adds to the user experience. It is easy-to-use and allows for sending and receiving files. Besides, the program has the CLONEit option allowing you to replicate all your data at a click of the button. With the aim to meet the needs of users all over the globe, the interface is available in nearly 40 languages.

Person holding a smartphone with enabled SHAREit

How to use the program on PC?

SHAREit was developed to help users exchange any files, including music, photos, and videos. It has the upper hand over other file-sharing apps due to scores of benefits described above. However, leading market positions of SHAREit are explained not only by cross-platform functioning but the increased versatility it offers to users.

Right after the SHAREit download file is opened, the program will be installed on your PC. Then you will be asked to create a username so that other users can find your device in a range. Once this is done, you will see the main menu where you can accept connection requests and pick the required option of sending or receiving. Choose the files you need to share, and the transferring process will begin shortly.

When it comes to establishing a connection between a PC and a smartphone, SHAREit for pc provides you with several methods. If you face any difficulties with starting a hotspot or identifying a computer avatar, it’s recommended to use a PC search option or scan a QR code. Thus, you will be able to detect all devices and start transferring your files directly. In the latter case, your phone will be connected to the PC after scanning is completed.

If you feel enthusiastic about wireless file transfer with lightning speed, SHAREit will be the very thing. The app offers an all-in-one combination of simplicity, practicality, and versatility to all users for free.


OK so let’s recap on the benefits of Shareit. This program is a wonderful piece of work that is easy to use, brilliant for file sharing quickly, and doesn’t even need an Internet connection to work. The creators also guarantee that it is 100 percent safe, too, meaning you can use it without any worries at all.

Some users report a little bugg, but nothing more than a typical piece of free software. And if you can put that small amount of griping to one side, it’s a super useful, accessible, and brilliant product to get your hands on. And let’s not forget – it’s completely free to download and use for anyone, on any major platform.  

SHAREit For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Download Free

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