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Shareit For Pc is the stunning modern sharing application program. It is common in mostly every device nowadays. This software program allows a user to share files between two connected devices. Well, it has become one of the famous sharing tools worldwide. Now the trend of sharing data from one system to other is changed. Shareit For Pc enables users to share their data from one Pc to other or Windows pc to mobile devices and vice versa. It is the unique tool that permits users to send your documents to a connected device with high speed. It is the well-known software application that can transfer a huge amount of data from one device to other. This software can also use this application to different methods such as on your computer, tablets and smartphones alike. It delivers convenient options for users to share your files across various platforms. This application is convenient to use on every device.

Shareit For Pc is the excellent and full-featured software for users to share can be done to expedite various tasks like as sharing information with co-workers or bringing your school work without any inconvenience. This application program entirely helps you to share large files like movies, songs, images, documents and much more. Shareit For Pc transfers your files within a couple of seconds between two devices. The adorable software is used to transfer files from Wi-Fi compatible device to another similar device. While using this software, you can transfer various type of data including contacts, apps and further files with ease. Its first version and most previous versions are only available in the English language.  Now Shareit For Pc Free download currently available in various 40 different languages like Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and English. It can compete with Zapya, Xander, SuperBeam and Share Apps.

SHAREit For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Download


SHAREit For Windows PC:

It works with new technology and offers faster speed than Bluetooth and NFC. No need to attach your devices with a cable to transfer data fast because Shareit For Pc enables you to transfer data quickly. This software application was launched by Lenovo and considered as one of the best application to share data with each other. While using it there is a straightforward way to connect devices by WIFI and share data from one device to other and vice versa. Shareit Full download is a fantastic software that completes transferring files between one device in less than no time. Moreover, it is the fantastic tool that can complete transferring files between multiple devices in seconds. A user can easily connect to Windows PC and then get a preview of files in mobile, as well as the user, can directly control PPT with mobile. Shareit Premium version free download introduced the new method of copying a particular data between devices. You can save storage on your mobile phone and backup photos to your Computer using ShareIt app with just one click. After downloading it, you don’t need to worry about sharing anything to your Windows PC. Mostly users transfer huge videos and files from the computer system as a backup. Now it offers you to transfer unlimited data from one device to other particular data. While having Shareit App on your mobile phone, you can get full control of PowerPoint Control. While presentation you don’t need to use separate mouse clicker anymore. Shareit enables you to control your PowerPoint slides on a Computer projector.

SHAREit free download is a stunning application program that permits you to take backup photos from your phone to Windows PC. Save your data to the computer system and don’t worry about deleting of your secret data from the phone. It is now available for almost all versions of Windows, Android and Mac devices. Well, it is more efficient than old technologies like Bluetooth and USB because it transfers data fast with respect to other sources. Want to grab its all-new features then you have to first download the setup file from the link. You must have to download this app to both particular devices from which you want to transfer. Shareit For Pc Full download accommodates wide range of content types, contacts, videos, MMs and SMS and so forth. No doubt this software program is considered as one of the best software to share data among various platforms. Fully compatible with all operating systems including Windows 10.

SHAREit for PC

We’ve all been there. You have a file on your phone that you want to quickly and easily share to your computer. Or else you just want to share something with another computer in the same house.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve taken to emailing yourself to get files from one place to another because it can feel like such a hassle to do it any other way.

Or at least it was because there’s a new Sheriff in town… By Sheriff I mean ‘File Transfer Software’ and town I mean… your computer.

What ShareIt does is so simple it makes you wonder why this isn’t standard for all computers. Because why should sending a file to be so hard? Your entire experience of wireless internet is the constant upload and download of tiny packages of information from one machine to another. The internet IS a file sharing device whether those files are websites, games or other documents.

All ShareIt has done is access to this. ShareIt works with DIRECT wifi connections that mean you can easily share any file from one place to another using just wifi.

Are you looking for the highly popular Shareit for PC? Or just scoping out your options and trying to find out the basics about downloading and installing Shareit onto your desktop or laptop device? If so, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to take you through everything you need to know about Shareit, including how to get it, what it is for, and the benefits of this powerful and flexible app that can make your life a lot easier. Let’s get started with the basics – here’s our guide to Shareit.

What is Shareit?

Shareit for PC is an app that allows you to share files between two different devices. It’s a super quick application that gives you the chance to send or receive files to another device in a simple press of a button. You can share music, movies, wallpapers, documents – pretty much everything you can think of. And the software works quite happily between smartphones, PCs, or laptops.

What platforms can you use?

Part of the beauty of the Shareit app is that it supports a huge range of platforms. You can use it on your laptop and PC with Windows, of course, but it’s also available for Mac. Not only that, but if you have an Android smartphone, use Apple’s iOS, or even have an old Windows phone, you can still use Shareit for file sharing.

Why do I need it?

Shareit works wirelessly – and the software can automatically find other devices super fast as soon as you are in range. The great thing about Shareit is that you can transfer enormous files and videos in a matter of seconds – no longer do you have to wait hours sharing your music of films via Bluetooth. All the files you share are saved immediately to your device, so you don’t have to worry about accessing a cloud service for your content or documents.

What are the key features?

Shareit comes with a vast array of superb features, which make it one of the most popular file-sharing software options out there. Let’s take you through exactly the type of things you can expect from Shareit for PC.

Backup your photos

You can backup all your photos straight to your PC from your phone, tablet, or another mobile device, just by tapping on the Shareit button. This is a fantastic feature for anyone worried about storage space on your phone, and you won’t have to worry about deleting images just to free up some space.

Remote view feature

Shareit has a great little Remote View feature that enables you to search for files on your PC direct from your phone. It’s super quick to use and helps you read, access, and share files easily to and from both of your devices.

‘Play to’ feature

DO you have some amazing content on your phone that you want to show off to everyone in the room? SHareit has a great feature called ‘Play to’ which is the perfect solution. All you need to do is use the Play To option and you can showcase any content on your phone straight to your PC. It’s perfect for sharing with a large crowd, whether it’s at a family gathering or a business meeting.

PC to PC sharing

Shareit pc enables you to transfer files from PC to another PC. All you need to do is set up your friend, family member or business contact, and you can share any content you like from computer to computer.

Phone to phone sharing

It’s the same idea for your smartphone. Again, just pick the content you want to share, choose the receiving device, and push the send button. The content will be delivered to your friend or colleague’s phone in an instant – far faster than you can do with Bluetooth transfers.

Powerpoint Control

Shareit is also great for making Powerpoint presentations. You can use it to control all your slides and pages for the projector screen straight from your phone. It’s perfect for those interactive talks you might give, where you need to walk around the room and don’t need to be constrained by having direct access to a laptop or wired remote control.

How much does it cost?

Another key question for people new to the Shareit experience is – how much does it cost? The good news is that the software is completely free. You won’t spend a single cent on the software, and in no time at all, you will be able to share files between your devices super easily.

How do I download Shareit?

The process for downloading Shareit is simple. Find the software online from the Shareit website and download it to your computer. PC users should hit the Windows button, although if you need another platform, choose the relevant icon. Once the data has downloaded, it’s a simple case of double-clicking the Shareit.exe file icon and starting the install. Shareit has some easy-to-follow instructions which will only take a matter of minutes to complete.

Click on the popup menus when relevant, selecting RUN first and then clicking ‘Yes.’ After this, you’ll need to hit the ‘Accept’ button, before following the rest of the instructions. And that’s it – literally. No surprises, no previous tech knowledge required, and no trouble at all for even the most inexperienced computer users.


OK, so let’s recap on the benefits of Shareit. This program is a wonderful piece of work that is easy to use, brilliant for file sharing quickly, and doesn’t even need an Internet connection to work. The creators also guarantee that it is 100 percent safe, too, meaning you can use it without any worries at all.

Some users report a little bugginess, but nothing more than a typical piece of free software. And if you can put that small amount of griping to one side, it’s a super useful, accessible, and brilliant product to get your hands on. And let’s not forget – it’s completely free to download and use for anyone, on any major platform.  

You can download shareIt for PC here.



With Shareit you can send and receive small or large files between devices. For some of you this might not be that exciting, but for anybody who regularly shares files with friends or for designers or business people, sharing files and documents as part of the process of creating something new, this is incredibly important.


It works by connecting two or more devices over a local WIFI connection, effectively using it as a highway to move devices between machines. It’s like the ability you already have with Bluetooth except much more accessible.


ShareIt does not discriminate on file types. Whether you are sending an MP3, a DOC a MOV, MKX, AVI etc. it’s all good. All image files are supported from GIFS to JPEGS. Whether you can use any file on your other machine is a different matter.


Probably the most powerful feature of ShareIt is the fact that it can be used with just about any device. If you have a file on an iPhone and you want to send it to your PC without having to email it (not even possible with large files) this is going to be a life saver. People with Apples ‘Airdrop’ are shrugging because they have been able to do this for a long time but anybody working CROSS device is going to find shareit VERY useful


Here’s the thing. ShareIt is fantastic when it works. But every now and again it does run into problems that make it frustrating to use. However, for anybody who has been frantically Googling ‘how do I transfer my files EASILY,’ this could be a game changer.


  • Downloading ShareIt is nice and easy and you can download directly from our link HERE

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SHAREit For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Download


SHAREit For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Download


Key Features of Shareit For Pc

  • It comes with unbeatable stand in the market comes with new enhancements
  • All contents transfer with top speed
  • While having this application, there is no need of USB etc
  • It is responsive to active devices in the background
  • Share any format of files across multiple platforms
  • No need for the Internet connection while transferring files

Shareit For Pc has updated features

Can be operated by everyone

Simple and user-friendly interface Technical Details

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Setup Size: 115 MBs

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Latest version Released on 15 June 2018

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